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Dealer Commission Deduct

U-Haul Dealers can now purchase any Buyer’s Club items using their U-Haul commissions.

Each month, you have a pre-determined amount available to use. Your Commission Deduct amount is 60% of your net pay for the previous three months.

Any Commission Deduct applied to an order will be deducted from your next commission statement. If you are paid commissions weekly, please be aware that any purchase will be deducted from your next weekly check.

For example:

Dealer A would like to make a purchase in the month of March. His amount available is determined by the following info:

December net pay $500.00
January net pay $1,000.00
February net pay $1,500.00
Three month total $3,000.00
Average net pay $1,000.00
Available Commission Deduct for March $600.00

The net pay for the previous three months was $1,000.00. Dealer A now has $600.00 to use for Buyer’s Club purchases in the month of March.

Your available Commission Deduct amount is displayed at the top of each page in the Buyer’s Club. You can apply a portion or the entire amount towards your order on the checkout page. The amount you use will be deducted from your next commission statement.

If your purchase amount exceeds your commissions, then you may show a negative balance. This will be corrected once your commissions exceed the purchase amount.

What are the advantages of using Dealer Deduct?

  • It provides you with immediate access to funds to help you keep your customers happy by stocking the boxes and other moving supplies they need. Once your order is processed, we will simply deduct the amount used from your next commission payment.
  • You choose the amount that you would like to use. If you want to pay for your entire order, you can! If Dealer Commission Deduct is only used for a partial payment, you can pay the remainder using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX debit or credit card or a personal or business check.

Your Dealer Deduct is determined by previous net pay, so the amount available will change from month to month. Once you make a purchase, the available amount will be reduced for the remainder of the month. We can not increase the amount or make exceptions. If for some reason you need to return an item for credit and Dealer Commission Deduct was used, we will credit back your commission and it will be reflected in your next commission payment.

This feature is only available to U-Haul Dealers. There is nothing you need to do to sign up, you can check your amount available at anytime by accessing the Buyer’s Club from the uhauldealer.com home page. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Blaskowski at jim_blaskowski@uhaul.com.